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rose bouquet Care Tips

Garden Soils

The most important thing to remember for the maintenance of a real Christmas tree is water. Unless properly watered, the needles will dry out and fall off and the boughs of the tree will begin to droop.  When first setting-up your tree, you should make a new saw-cut, straight across the trunk, at least one half inch above the original cut. This allows the tree to freely absorb water. It's a good idea to select a tree stand that has a capacity to hold at least one gallon of water.

Initially, the tree may require a gallon or more of water in the first day or two. After that, expect that the tree will absorb two pints or more per day, depending upon its size.

roses & flowers

Brighten up someone's day with roses or a variety of beautiful, long lasting, flowers or plants. Colorful arrangements will add ambiance to any room!

Our expert staff will guide you to the best soil conditioners to help your vegetable and flower gardens thrive!

  • Premium top soil
  • Dehydrated manure
  • Peat moss
  • Fox Farm soils
  • Miracle Gro soils

and many more to choose from!

Christmas Tree Care Tips

“beautiful, long lasting flowers”

When Colette asked what her daughter wanted for her birthday, she was surprised to hear, "flowers".

“Jill LOVED it,” Colette recalls. “We picked some exotic plants and flowers while butterflies danced around us and made a morning out of asking Joe how to care for these beautiful additions to our home".


You should begin by cutting the stems of the flowers on an angle to open up the stem. The diagonal cut increases the amount of water that is absorbed by each flower. The better they can absorb the water and the longer the lifespan will be.

Also, remember to put the flower food, this mix is what truly extends the life of the flowers, providing them with the nutrients that they need to stay alive. These food mixtures will specify the amount of water that needs to be mixed with the flower food, but it is usually no more than anywhere from a pint to a quart of water. Also, remember to change the water and the flower food if the water becomes cloudy. This means the food has been diluted.



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